Iran – 4th day – ISPAHAN 1

A day full of discovery, accompagned by Payan and Bersam, who are our guides for the day.

We begin with a small coffee in the bazaar. Between thousands of small shops, full of color, perfumes and spices, we found ourselves in the old mosque Jameh.

We will taste a traditional meal where we will eat with hands!

Visit of the Luxury hotel Chehel Soton (40 columns) and its attractive garden.

4th day

On the way towards the Armenian district, to discover the churches of Vank and Beytelahm. We got lost in smal alley ! We discuss with one Armenian who’s living in France.
it’s already dark, we’ll eat on the edge of the big rock, where we can admire a fantastic view over the city during night.

On the return we’ll have chance to see religious celebrations of “Muharram”, celebrated here by the Shiite Muslims. Very happy to welcome us, they offer us the tea and some take-out meal.

A program furthermore than 12 hours, I am exhausted, but happy of this improvised day, guided by our friends.

A small nap before the bus road during night, towards the South…


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  • Deandre

    Hallo!Der gute Mann ist uns schon bekannt von seinen Möbeln…Die Idee mit den Converse ist genial und die Kokeaintbfreitschlft, die er damit eingeht, ist bewundernswert!!LG, Claudia