Iran – 8th day – YAZD

Meetings with many young Iranian and Iranians. They have finaly the same dreams and the same concerns as the youth in France.

They dream to find love, to study well, to find a good work …

They would like that the country evolves, that the mentalities change, but at the same time they respect the traditions !

They like their cities and their countries, they are happy to be Iranian !

Sima, his brother Sadra and all their friends are adorable. I am affected, because this youth has a real hearth.

8th day

Kazem, Sima’s father, opens us the doors of his school where he’s the director.

In Yazd, we discover Badguir, old air conditionning system, it’s like a chimney which gather the wind, and by a system of pipes, refresh the house !

Also a lot of underground water reserve.

In train towards Tehran

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