Iran – 6th day – SHIRAZ

The Persian art in Iran of today, it’s like the tale of the 1001 nights. Shiraz is wonderful, i fell in love with this city.

The Mosque “nasir ol molk” shines with quite colors, stained-glass windows are reflected in the inside and illumates places. Magic architecture and which make dream. Every detail, walls in the ceiling, are sublime. Colors fascinate me, the arrangements are of an extreme beauty.

In Iran, the traffic is chaotic, but the calm from the drivers is impressive. Each one adapt himself to the errors of the other one.

Don’t command the taxi at the hotel, it shows the triple of a Taxi which I have negociate in the street.

On the way to the antique cities. Outside the city, with Sina a young student, we will discover Persepolis. Some beautiful sculptures on stone, gives us an idea of the life of former days.

6th day

To have an idea of the standard of living and the prices, most of the museum cost 4€, free mosque or 2,5€, a small sandwich Falafel 0.80€, a road of 400km by bus 6€ and a room in an hotel 30€.

We won’t visit Naqshe Rostan, but on the way towards a fountain, that makes us discover Sina.

Return to Shiraz, our friend takes us dinner, and we’ll visit a luxurious cafe ! Highly-rated mordern of the city.

He will pick us up the next day, to bring us to the bus. That pleases.

The beauty of the mettings !

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