Iran – 5th day – SHIRAZ

Arrived with the night bus, we ask the taxi, he guides us towards a little hotel. Here they offer us the breakfast, after a good shower, I’ll have a small nap.

The city calls us, the beauties of Shiraz are numerous. Visit of the fort with guide. One of the towers looks like “the tower of Piz”.

The small museum of Persia, the hamam Karimkhan, we pass by the bazaar and a good meal in a traditional restaurant.

We dive back into the bazaar and its carpets. Coffee break : we take advantage of the shadow and the small wind under a tree.

5th day

We meet an Iranian inhabitant of Strasbourg.

The day ends in a set of several building, which the central misque, called “Shah Cheragh”. A magnificient place ! Outside as internal. To see absolutely if you come to Shiraz.

Wonderful !

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