Iran – 3rd day

Heading to Isfahan (capital of the Persian Empire under the dynasty of Safavides between XVIth century and the XVIIIth century). After 6 hours of bus in a great confort : air conditioning, tea, cakes, at will water and great large seat(almost lying). A family puts down(deposits) us in town on the Place Naghsh-e Jahan ( one of the biggest place of the world).

We find Payan, I offer him the book and reads to him the passage where he’s quote. He will be the only Iranian to read our book, because he speaks French.

Iran - 3rd day

With him we will visit Kalendar, the Sufi. (We had slept at this home during the world tour).

Impressive to find ourself there and to imagine that we arrived here in auto-stop. Crazy!!!

After a finner, we are invited by Samim (the bahaï) to spend the night, at 4 in the same room, with Bersam and Omid.

A beautiful day, welcomed by various religions: Muslim, Jew and bahaï.

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