Iran – 2nd day 1

After 20 hours of sleep, trying to catch up the sleepless night in the plane.

We will take a tea at the restaurant we went yesterday. The waiters very worried about our good to be, sugests us being guided in the city. In motorcycle with Masoud, the bookseller, we shall visit an attractive park. Incredible, we pass at the place where we met Leila with Milan during our world tour.

Iran - 2nd day

It’s a little bit crazy, but nice to continue the visit at 3 on a motorcycle without helmet. Visit of a second park with a mini zoo. And here we are at the heart of the city, visit of the general store. A crazy world, but no jostling. Spices, perfumes, crafts, the marvels if Iran …

Iran - 2nd day

We will finish the day in Golestan Palace. An architectural marvel with these incredible mosaics, these lounges full of mirrors, its original coffee…

A sandwich in the street, a tea in a very nice nargilé coffee.

The exhaust pushes us toward the hotel. Still the gap of climate certainly.

After a good dinner, here we are in a great shape.

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