DAY 10

DAY 10
We are near the sea, we walk, we take a coffee, we look to surfers, we dive in the ocean, it is great !!!
Thanks to Denis and Nathalie who welcome us in their new life. A litte guesthouse in the middle of Cnaggu; the new touristic area, but quitte quiet compared to the south, where we didn't go yet.
Alexander, their son, receive us a the little morning. He share his experience, show us how to work, it is impressive. He created a surf school just after his studies, in Canada. He brought us to do the tour of Canggu, visit of beach, shops, Deus's temple and the famous old man...
Weather get cloudy, we meet the parents who tell us how they finish to build this construct and realise their dream.What an adventure !
We are going to diner in a little local restaurant. The plates are present in buffet lunch form, you show what you want, they calculate the price of your plate. And know, surprise, it costs us 46 000 ? What, it is 1,5€ / plate ?! Incredible ! We taste, it is very good !
Long life to Indonesia. Long life to Bali !

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