Director and independent photographer, Muammer has a passion for travel, he likes to bring back images from the end of the world.His last movie , co directing with Philippe Frey and co-producted by Alsace20  “People of the Omo” was broadcast on France 3 Alsace . Muammer HAS already to His credit , numerous extraordinary trips , like the one , for example, which allowed him to join a caravan of the salt in the Chad in full desert and to Realize a 52 minutes documentary movie “The Black caravan “.

“The madnesses are the only things you never regrets”
Oscar Wilde


PEOPLE OF THE OMO (France 3 Diffusion)

An extraordinary trip at the end of the world.

Bordcasted on FRANCE 3 ALSACE
Saturday 22 march at 15:20

Documentary movie during 52 mins
Realized by Muammer YILMAZ & Philippe FREY

On Philippe Frey’s tracks, ethnologist and adventurer, in the discovery of the peoples of the Valley of Omo in Ethiopia: among Mursis and their woman-tray, Hamers ( where woman are whipped up to the blood).

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THE BLACK CARAVAN( 52′ Documentary)

The Chadian desert was never really studied or even filmed. However, it’s there that the Toubous, black nomads of Sahara, live in the most extreme conditions.

Philippe Frey traveled several times up and down the desert of this country with camels. He knows the peoples and the secret wells. But especially, the nomads know him…
Adoum is an Zagawa adolescent of the guelta of Archeï in Ennedi. Immense canyons shelter the only water source around where water herds of camel, oxen and goats. But, right after leaving, the last crocodiles of Sahara come to feed on dropping of animals.
Adoum lives there. And sometimes, Philippe and him had to swim across the pond of black waters in spite of the risk of the saurians! And sometimes also, it was a question of finding the exit of certain labyrinths of successive canyons which interfere (like those games where a ball has to find an exit in its glazed labyrinth)

This time, the kid needs a good electric shock in the statements of his father. So he will accompany his first caravan of salt which crosses Ennedi, goes away in the sand seas of the North punctuated with granitic tables which we call Erdis.
The caravan management is confided to Hassan, a friend of Philippe, who considers moreover the latter as Toubou.
A kid, a White and a pure Toubou will lead together about ten camels.

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Norman wedding (Documentary 26′)

(Valogne cinema diffusion)

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Short film


The aim being to realize the movie in 48 hours
Scenario, shooting, editing and distribution