DAY 11

DAY 11 CANGGUNew city, new atsmophere. Here, there is a lot of shops, little restaurants and other place full of life. All are very modern and originals. We are in the middle of tourism, but there is not much people here. Just lots of youths who surf or make party… […]

DAY 10

DAY 10 SURFER VIBES We are near the sea, we walk, we take a coffee, we look to surfers, we dive in the ocean, it is great !!! Thanks to Denis and Nathalie who welcome us in their new life. A litte guesthouse in the middle of Cnaggu; the new […]

DAY 7 1

Day 7 READING & PARTY I wake up and I didn’t want to sleep such this sight is wonderful. The song of the nature take us. The wind, the moving leafs, the birds and the other animals offer us the best concert ever. The best, is this sun rise. Reading […]


DAY 6I NEVER LIVED IN SUCH BEAUTIFUL HOUSE !How can’t we enjoy the beauty of this place, this architecture, from the little traditional houses, decorations, the sight, the swimming-pool, but, especially, especially, the welcome ? Thanks to our friend Geraldine, who received us at home, with her big heart and […]


JOUR 5DAY 5Beach, temple, surf …Wake up with birds and roosters songs, we are near the nature here.Littles dives in the swimming pool to wake up et the day begin !We take the moped and go to discover the south of Bali. We follow 2 surfers and we are at […]

Day 4

    DAY 4 LIFE IN BALIQuiet in a little village, above a hill, we are in an extraordinary house, renovated for years by a french friend, who lives know here. Sun morning wakes you up, the beauty is such awesome you can’t sleep again, you want to live this moment […]

Day 3

DAY 3FROM A WORLD TO ANOTHERIndonesia is such big on my map at home, it is a pencil long. When I put a pencil in France, the other end is in Kyrgyzstan, Greenland or Ivory Coast. This archipelago is 10,000 kilometers large. With 250 million inhabitants, it is the 4th most […]

Day 2

DAY 2 Night was hard, ready to vomit. Finally, with the air conditioner on off, I slept back in a moist heat. You need to know that I reserved nothing since our arrival, I loved be lead by the meets. But sometimes, it is hard. The breakfast in the hotel offers […]

Day 1 1

Trip in INDONESIADeparture from Strasbourg, 37h of tripn 4 countries, 3 planes, 2 stops, one bus and one taxi later, we finally arrived in Jakarta in Indonesia.Tiredness of the trip, climat change, jetlag … We’ll sleep all day.First, welcome at Aris’s house, a couchsurfer, in basic living conditions.