Moroccan tour

MY AMAZING MOROCCAN TOUR One week, 10 events in 6 different cities and with many meetings. I had the enormous chance to be invited to share conferences, projections, meetings and even TEDx during the week from 15 till 22 February 2018. Thank you Morocco, thank you Marrakesh, Essaouira, Rabat, Casablanca, Oudaïas […]

TEDx Conference

I’m so happy to give you my second TEDx in Morocco, to share the Optimistic Traveler experience. The subject “why not” allowed me to make a speech on “why not to return the world happier together? “. To be continued on Here is a set of photos of my Conference in […]

Thanks Morocco

An amazing tour in Morocco, 10 events in one week, in 5 different towns… I’m so happy !   Thank you for all of you ! Here is a series of photos taken over there to memorize all these beautiful moments …

Tour in Morocco

Still beautiful one tour in the country of the mint tea (very sweet) of the simple life and the smiles. Projection in the French Institute of Essaouira and El Jadida, very recognized conference TEDx, meeting with schools and orphanages to share the ” One Million Dreams ” project, projection of […]

Films screening

I am very happy to announce you that the movie ” I have a dream / Africa ” will be shown in 3 different places in Alsace and 3 others in Morocco, then don’t hesitate to come in large numbers! Here are the various dates and the information of the projections: February […]

“Optimistic traveler”

Find me on stage from 16 till 20 May 2018 to the theater of Choucrouterie in Strasbourg to present you my mixing show tell, video and humor. It is on this stage that I shall tell you my various experiences and meetings of my world tour in 80 days without […]

A beautiful text

We all know the story of The Little Prince and the lost traveler. As the man is trying to fix his plane, a little boy comes to him, requesting his help in making his dream come true: “Draw me a sheep” asks the boy, this is how the story begins. […]

Documentary Disseminations

Invité des Carnets de Voyage de Melsheim, j’ai présenté mes 2 films documentaires « Les peuples de l’Omo » et « La Caravane Noire », co-réalisés avec Philippe FREY. Le public a pris plaisir à m’écouter et a apprécié mes quelques tours de magie, avec mes cartes ! Merci à Pierre KAYSER et à […]

Invited on RMC

LES GRANDES GUEULES with Alain MARSCHALL & Olivier TRUCHOT 28 may 2015 at 11h !!! The release day of the book You can listen the podcast (beginning at 21min)

Le Grand Journal

Incredible, Patrick DEMPSEY share his opinion about the world tour in 80 days without money ! Milan and I were invited by “Le Grand Journal” on Canal+, at the same time ! Watch the replay !

Video workshop

The purpose was to share my producers qualities and my passion for video to the youth from Colmar, in partnership with the center “Europe”. They had to realize their own short-movie in one week ! How to write a story, to do the planning schedule, take a shooting, how to choose the […]

Zut Magazine

Here, we are in the heart of Europe. During my world tour in 80 days and without money, I’ve dreamed about a world without borders… between the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Human Rights Building.

Interview “Voyage”

We were invited, Milan and me, by the channel “Voyage” to appear in a magazine called BAD TRIP. It speaks about trip experiences which go wrong. Milan was still in Haïti, I was the only at the interview. So, I spoke about our visa problem during our world tour. Dissemination […]

Paris Match 1

Ask for Paris Match, ask ! What an honor to read this 3 pages speaking about Optimistic Traveler and our book’s release ! Very nice article, thank to Anne-Laure ! 16/09/2015 Read the article

Festival in Paris

The first dissemination of our world tour pictures in public, thank to the Globetrotters Festival in Massy to offer us this “prime-time” ! A nice organization, a great selection and lots of people ! What happiness to share our movie about Iran on big screens and in front of 800 persons. […]

What a day !

5 EVENTS IN ONE DAY ! A busy schedule for me : interview radio festival, meeting with students, dedication in bookshops, reception with the Mayor around and conference in the festival hall. Lots of beautiful meeting; Eric and all his family who welcome me, in Lannemezan, like a prince! 02/10/2015

Adventurers Festival

A family atmosphere, lots of meeting with others adventurers. A welcome at the inhabitant, thank you Marie-Odile ! Dissemination of our movies, IRAN and HAÏTI in front of 150 fans. Thanks to Stéphane, Annie and all the family ! See more (in French)

Trip in Iran

A country full of history and beauties. Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd marvel by their design. We are dazzled by stories about the Persian Empire . Our meet with Iranian, extraordinarily welcoming and curious about share with travelers they met. Discover the pictures slideshow. Very happy to travel in […]

6ème jour

Around the world

This is my favorite video, I advise you to watch it 😉 400 trip in 63 differents countries; Here is an impressive video ! It makes you dream…

Great conference

More than 300 students of ESC in Troyes were present in the lecture hall. I spoke about my world tour experience and shared with them all I learnt during this adventure. A share appreciated by the students. I never done so much selfies ! Thanks to Yasemin OZCAN and all of his team. […]

Private flight

A big moment of happiness to fly with this big and beautiful sun! Thank to Uncle Hans for this trip from Stuttgart’s Airport to Switzerland. Realised with a smartphone (shooting, assembly, music and share).   I LOVE FLYING

Movie Projection

Dissemination of the movie “Iran” realised during my trip around the world. I speak about shooting conditions during my trip. Organised by Jean Cyrille Muzelet – Safire 14/01/2016 Few pictures to have an idea!

8ème jour

Pyrenean Walk

I love nature. A long and beautiful walk towards the “Lac de Bordères”, without equipments because I went on trip without baggages. Just an underwear, a couple of sockets and my toothbrush. I could made lots of awesome pictures with the drone. LA NATURE Une belle balade dans les Pyrénées. Rien n’est […]

A day in Madrid

Wonderful ! A bike shop gave me a cycle for the day. A trust I care and makes this day great. An amazing sundowner end my adventure to Madrid. Watch the video, filmed and assembled with a smartphone… 05/02/2016 MADRID Une petite vidéo de ma journée à Madrid. Elle a commencé par la magie […]


“I am because we are”. An anthropologist has proposed a game for the children in a South-Africa Tribe. He put a basket full of fruits near a tree and told to the children that the first who arrived won the reward. When he started the race, to his surprise, they all […]

Turkish Television 1

Invited by Murat CAKAR, presenter and producer of the TV show “Bonjour” broadcast on the channel EuroStar, you can watch the video in turkish! 28/06/2012

My videos selection 1

Here is a selection of my best videos. If you want to better know and understand me, you could watch these videos. Take the time to travel throught these images of our world… VOYAGE TV Interview for the channel “Voyage”. (I really like this report) ZAPPING PRESS Mounting of differents tv and radio interviews. […]

New-York 1

This beautiful city was subject to a big work; a short-movie was done in New-York, with friends, in 48h. Writing, filming and assembly in 2 days! See and share ! Watch all our short-movies in this playlist : If, you too, you want to realise a film, contact me for a feat; […]

Our book on iTunes

OUR BOOK on iTunes ?! We are impressive and happy to tell you that you can travel in reading with us through our book avaible everywhere… Click !    

7ème jour

Dreams of Aventures

Dreams of Adventures movies’s projection, with the adventurers, expositions, photographies, conferences… GO AT THE END YOUR DREAMS ! They went at the end of the world, at the end of the strength, and at the end of their dreams. They would be in Strasbourg to meet you, at the Festival « Rêves […]


In 6300km from here, on the border of China, we are at the end of the world… A poor country, but a rich population of smiles and kindness. Two crazy moments for me. The first “table of the king” at the invitation of a Kirghiz, in his living room with […]

Travel without luggages

In the minimalist mind, trip “without luggage” is possible. After a first experience of three days spent in Dominican Republic with Lotfy, a second one of two days spent in Paris with Milan, here I am in Istanbul, alone. I travel for seven days without any luggage or bag. Only […]


A wonderful trip, in the discover of the Nilotiques people. The south of Ethiopia abounds in people who live from thousand of kilometers of the modernity. I had the opportunity to meet numerous tribes : Hammers, Dasanechs, Niyagatoms and Mursis (woman with tray). Theses tribes live at the Stone Age, […]