Travel without luggages

In the minimalist mind, trip “without luggage” is possible.
After a first experience of three days spent in Dominican Republic with Lotfy, a second one of two days spent in Paris with Milan, here I am in Istanbul, alone.
I travel for seven days without any luggage or bag. Only a toothbrush, my phone with charger and my passport.
Moving without weight gives an impression of absolute freedom and allows to be extremly flexible.





The crucial question : How to keep the hygiene ?
Rather easy finally : if you find a place to sleep, yu can take a shower every day. I don’t use any product ( like deodorant, cremate etc.). My toothbrush is enough for me, remains to find the toothpaste. And i use every soaps, i don’t need a specific one. It is also necessary to have the courrage to hand wash his boxer short every evening and from time to time his T-shirt and pants !
Gerally, they dry during night. So, you’re leaving completely clean !


Without luggage, do you always wear the same clothes ?
Well not, you can very easily make exchanges with friends or people who welcome you. Who doesn’t have clothesto offer or to exchange in his guarding dress.
Particularly, I love the idea to exchange clothes and to travel with the dresses of the met people. And at the same time, to try new styles, more local !


The major advantage is to remain light ! To be able to walk a long way, to go out, to visit..
To have no bag is also a way not to burden itself. No need to put it down somewhere. As a result,always ready to sleep at the met people homes.


Milan, a friend, told me about a traveler without luggage. This idea pleased me because my father and many Turskish immigrants came in Europe with empty luggages. They weren’t traveling , but moving. They were working and living somewhere else without any luggage. It’s hard to imagine ! Could you go work in Shanghai for at least 1 year and go with an empty luggage ?
When all the world carries a bag, even in it’s own city, to travel without anything inspires me a lot.
I like to leave away the material


After our trip to the Nilotiques in Ethiopia in 2013, who live jut of nature with their lands and their animals, who know nothing of the modern world et who are even today cut of the world, I realized that the man can live without all these material things.

It is necessary to know that the young shepherds leave with animals and only a stick. No bag and nothing to eat. they feed during several weeks just with milk and some Zebu’s blood.


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