Moroccan tour


One week, 10 events in 6 different cities and with many meetings.

I had the enormous chance to be invited to share conferences, projections, meetings and even TEDx during the week from 15 till 22 February 2018.
Thank you Morocco, thank you Marrakesh, Essaouira, Rabat, Casablanca, Oudaïas and El Jadida.

Essaouira (February 15th)

Arrived at Marrakesh, I was welcomed at the airport by Denis and Jean-Christian. After one lunched together they drop me off at the bus station direction Essaouira.
I had the opportunity to show the movie “I have a dream / Africa” to the French Institute of Essaouira. You were very very many, the room was packed and it enormously pleased me!
A friend, a Pierrot, welcomed me at his home for the night. Then I found a not too expensive plane for the capital: Rabat!

Rabat (February 16th)

Another projection of the movie “I have a dream / Africa” but this time this in Rabat.
It was, as usual, an immense pleasure to be present during this projection and to see you so numerous!

Shkirat (February 17th)

In this Saturday, February 17th, I was in an orphanage near Rabat to show the movie. It was so pleasant to see so much child happy to see me, they jump you above, kiss you, smile to you and welcome you in music …

Agdal (February 18th)
I had pleasure to go to the cultural center to Agdal to Rabat on Sunday, February 18th for the event “to Read to increase” and offer a small conference to the children.
Casablanca (February 19th)
Conference and showing of the movie in the Spanish school of Casablanca.
Thanks to David Bodéba, French teacher to have organized this event.
Marrakech (February 20th)
Showing of the movie at the school Benabdallah of Marrakesh, with the children of the orphanage. Always an enormous pleasure to see these so interested and smiling children!
One thank you to Adnan and Pauline to have begun the One Million Dreams project in Marrakesh and in Morocco.
Marrakech (February 20th)
After the showing with the children of the orphanage, there was a showing of the movie to the parents of the school Benabdallah de Marrakech. Always an enormous pleasure to see them so susceptible !
El Jadida (February 21st)
A privilege incredible to offer my second conference TEDx to share the experience Optimistic Traveler. The theme “why not” allowed me to make a speech on “why not to return the world happier together?“.
El Jadida (February 21st)
Showing of the movie to the French Institute of El Jadida at 7 pm. It was a pleasure to show it in the old Portuguese church and to see so many susceptible people ! The room was once again packed !
Amazing meeting with Hichem Bahloul
Hichem, a noble-hearted man and a big Moroccan actor, was kind enough to drop me off at the airport of Casablanca ! Having viewed the movie, he was very affected and even told me “your movie it is a jewel“. And he contacted Secretary Mustafa El Khalfi to speak to him about our project One Million Dreams.

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