World tour in 80 days, without money

Our Challenge, Milan and I, was to do a world tour in 80 days without money, achieved in 2014. During this trip, we desired show that the world is more empathic and generous than we could think. Every countries had amazing people which, however their religion, their skin color or their lifestyle, gave us smile, warmth and hospitality. We wandered more than 47,000 km, went through 19 differents countries and met thousands of solidary people.

There is good people everywhere in the world, we proved it in 80 days !

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A human adventure full of love and emotions, realized between the 09/09/2014 and the 28/11/2014


Today, we come back to Paris, our start point, but our adventure is not finish yet. It’s time to give back what people gave us, and we decided to invest in the support and education of child in Haïti by starting a raising campaign. We will be present on the spot to help them in february 2015.

We have got lots of others projects we are hurry to share with people that help and support us. You can watch the clip achieve by Steeve :

(more than 31,000 views)

Before we started, we did a test between Strasbourg and Berlin :

Here is the teaser released before our start :

Playlist you should see
If you want to know more, we advise you to watch this playlist to did the world tour with us in pictures !