More than 400 trips through 63 countries, on the meeting of the people and their cultures. His last great adventure was “Le tour du monde en 80 jours sans argent”. His objective : to show that there are good people in the world, that generosity exists everywhere and often where we don’t except it. Whatever the nationality, the color, the religion and the social category… That we can realize a dream without money, just with his courage and his convictions


Clip “Tour du monde”, trip with us during 4 minutes

The world tour in 80 days without any money


There are good people in the entire world, we proved it in 80 days !
A human adventure full of love and emotion, realized between 09/09 and 28/11/2014
Here is the playlist of the 80 seconds videos, which will allow you to do the world tour with us in few minutes :


Before leaving, we did a test from Strasbourg to Berlin :



Here is the teaser made before our departure :


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360° around the world

360° around the world, is an artistic project. The idea being to share landscapes, places I had chance to see through my trips. The success of this first video pushed me to go further. Several ideas are in progress… To follow… «Around Strasbourg» – « Around my friends » – « Around the Age » …
« If you think that the adventure is dangerous, I invite you to try the routine… It’s deadly »
Paulo Coelho




The cross of the Sahara desert with Philippe FREY