About Muammer

An intrepid traveller with a smile for the whole wide world.
Muammer was born in France and from an early age was full of a great positive energy. His dad offered him his first camera at the age of 17, to celebrate his having financed his own school trip to the U.S. Who could have guessed this gift would change his life.


In 2000, he founded TvCampus in Strasbourg, a non-profit association which provided free training for more than 500 students in film-making and editing, giving them access to careers in journalism and audio-visual.
muammer loves sharing his passion and transmitting his energy to others.
In 2005 he created the concept : 48 hour video marathon in Strasbourg. He is a journalist, TV presenter, cameraman, video editor, photographer, radio show host… Muammer brings his own unique passion to everything he does.


In 2008 his path led him to VIP Studio and towards new creative territories. Nowadays, as an independent filmmaker and photographer, Muammer is an intrepid traveller who loves to bring back photos from the furthest corners of the globe. His last film, made in collaboration with Philippe Frey and co-produced by Alsace20 is called ‘People of the Omo” and was shown on France 3 – Alsace. Muammer has already made many extraordinary journeys, one of which gave him the opportunity to join a salt caravan in Chad in the middle of the desert where he made a 52 minute documentary entitled “The Black Caravan”.


With more than 400 trips across 63 countries under his belt, Muammer is a globetrotter who believes in humanity. Curious about the world, he has a special interest in its people, for their different cultures , customs and beliefs… His ambition is to bring people together, allowing them to learn about each other and to enriching themselves through these exchanges. To put it simply, he truly loves human beings and he believes in equality , tolerance, friendship, peace and mutual respect for all mankind. As simple as that.


Full of the positive energy that defines him and his belief that ‘anything is possible’ Muammer is always up for new challenges and new projects.