A curious adventurer, smiling to the world. Born in Alsace in France, Muammer had always overflowed of positive energy. His first camera was offered to him at 17 years old by his father, to congratulate him on his success in financing himself his trip to the United States. A gift which changes his life.


In 2000, he founded Tvcampus at Strasbourg, an association which trains voluntarily more than 500 students to the realisation and in the assembly and which open them the doors of the journalism and the broadcasting. Muammer likes to share his passion and to transmit his energy to the others.


In 2005 he created the concept of 48 hours marathon video in Strasbourg. Journalist, tv presenter, cameraman, editor, photographer or radio animator (at RBS), Muammer is a passionate who touches at everything.
In 2008 he heads with Studio VIP to the conquest of new territories creatives . Today , independent director and photographer Muammer : has a passion for travel and who likes to associate with His Friends to bring back pictures from the end of the world . His last movie , co directing with Philippe Frey and co-producted by Alsace20 « People of the Omo » Was broadcast on France 3 Alsace . Muammer HAS already to His credit , numerous extraordinary trips , like the one , for example, which allowed him to join a caravan of the salt in the Chad in full desert and to Realize a 52 minutes documentary movie “The Black caravan”
With more than 400 trips, through 63 countries of the world, Muammer is a globe-trotter who has faith in the humanity. Curious about the world, he feeds interest for the peoples, for their cultural differences, their customs, their faiths.. He has for ambition to provoke the meetings, to learn and to grow rich through these exchanges. In one word, he like peoples and his valors are equality, tolerance,the frienship, peace and mutual respect between all the men. Simply.
Overflowing of positive energy, animated by the conviction that « Everything is possible » Muammer is still volunteer to face challenges and to launch new projects. He loves the cinema and the art to create some quality entertainement. This project, inspired by the work of the famous french writer Jules Verne, gathers all the ingredients of a compelling storyline : the meetings, the adventure, the dream, sharing and the humanity !