Moroccan tour

MY AMAZING MOROCCAN TOUR One week, 10 events in 6 different cities and with many meetings. I had the enormous chance to be invited to share conferences, projections, meetings and even TEDx during the week from 15 till 22 February 2018. Thank you Morocco, thank you Marrakesh, Essaouira, Rabat, Casablanca, Oudaïas […]

TEDx Conference

I’m so happy to give you my second TEDx in Morocco, to share the Optimistic Traveler experience. The subject “why not” allowed me to make a speech on “why not to return the world happier together? “. To be continued on Here is a set of photos of my Conference in […]

Thanks Morocco

An amazing tour in Morocco, 10 events in one week, in 5 different towns… I’m so happy !   Thank you for all of you ! Here is a series of photos taken over there to memorize all these beautiful moments …

Tour in Morocco

Still beautiful one tour in the country of the mint tea (very sweet) of the simple life and the smiles. Projection in the French Institute of Essaouira and El Jadida, very recognized conference TEDx, meeting with schools and orphanages to share the ” One Million Dreams ” project, projection of […]

Films screening

I am very happy to announce you that the movie ” I have a dream / Africa ” will be shown in 3 different places in Alsace and 3 others in Morocco, then don’t hesitate to come in large numbers! Here are the various dates and the information of the projections: February […]

“Optimistic traveler”

Find me on stage from 16 till 20 May 2018 to the theater of Choucrouterie in Strasbourg to present you my mixing show tell, video and humor. It is on this stage that I shall tell you my various experiences and meetings of my world tour in 80 days without […]

A beautiful text

We all know the story of The Little Prince and the lost traveler. As the man is trying to fix his plane, a little boy comes to him, requesting his help in making his dream come true: “Draw me a sheep” asks the boy, this is how the story begins. […]


0 HOMELESS PEOPLE IN STRASBOURG During our journey in Denver, when it was -26° outside, we met a 60 years old Homeless lady. I wondered why she was there, why she deserved that, why she had to live in this big cold outside ? I wanted to change the world and […]

My 2015 1

I wish you good celebrations to you and all the people you love … Muammer MY 2015 The adventure of the ” world tour in 80 days without money” changed my life, and the desire to change the world was born. I learnt so much during my journeys, which I […]

8th day

Iran – 8th day – YAZD

Meetings with many young Iranian and Iranians. They have finaly the same dreams and the same concerns as the youth in France. They dream to find love, to study well, to find a good work … They would like that the country evolves, that the mentalities change, but at the […]

Iran – 7th day

REUNIONS WITH SIMA A magic and unique moment. After 6 hours of bus through deserts landscapes, I am back in the city of Yazd. It’s here that we spend one of the crucial moments during our world tour. Celebration of the kurban party to the family of Sima. One year […]

7th day

6th day

Iran – 6th day – SHIRAZ

The Persian art in Iran of today, it’s like the tale of the 1001 nights. Shiraz is wonderful, i fell in love with this city. The Mosque “nasir ol molk” shines with quite colors, stained-glass windows are reflected in the inside and illumates places. Magic architecture and which make dream. […]

Iran – 5th day – SHIRAZ

Arrived with the night bus, we ask the taxi, he guides us towards a little hotel. Here they offer us the breakfast, after a good shower, I’ll have a small nap. The city calls us, the beauties of Shiraz are numerous. Visit of the fort with guide. One of the […]

5th day

4th day

Iran – 4th day – ISPAHAN 1

A day full of discovery, accompagned by Payan and Bersam, who are our guides for the day. We begin with a small coffee in the bazaar. Between thousands of small shops, full of color, perfumes and spices, we found ourselves in the old mosque Jameh. We will taste a traditional […]

Iran – 3rd day

Heading to Isfahan (capital of the Persian Empire under the dynasty of Safavides between XVIth century and the XVIIIth century). After 6 hours of bus in a great confort : air conditioning, tea, cakes, at will water and great large seat(almost lying). A family puts down(deposits) us in town on […]

Iran - 2nd day

Iran – 2nd day 1

After 20 hours of sleep, trying to catch up the sleepless night in the plane. We will take a tea at the restaurant we went yesterday. The waiters very worried about our good to be, sugests us being guided in the city. In motorcycle with Masoud, the bookseller, we shall […]

Iran – 1st day 1

First day at the capital, happy to meet again the Iranians. Which kindness. Difficult to explain but everybody is kind here. The taximan did the guide. A lady helps us to find our way. A man offers us cakes in the street. A woman suggests to translate at the restaurant… […]

Iran - 1st day


In 6300km from here, on the border of China, we are at the end of the world… A poor country, but a rich population of smiles and kindness. Two crazy moments for me. The first “table of the king” at the invitation of a Kirghiz, in his living room with […]

France tour in 2CV without money 16

Visit the small villages of France aboard the mythical 2 cv Citroën, but without a centime. But is France so generous? Through the small national roads, we encounter the French people. To eat, to sleep, to move forward, to meet and exchange. All this without a penny, and the gasoline then? […]

2 cv

The Kleber library

On the occasion of the publication of our book “The world tour in 80 days without a centime” Mr Lafon, the Kleber bookshop in Strasbourg welcomes us June 10th, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the cultural meeting “Conversations”, to speak about our adventure and share with you our fabulous travels! To […]

Europe 1

Invited by Alessandra Sublet in the emission « Un petit dimanche entre amis » On Sunday, May 31st, 2015 at 11 am Alexandra Sublet : « Their narrative is exceptionnal » « Two magnificient guys in every sens of the word »   « This trip is fascinating » « Audrey Lamy who looks […]

Bar les aviateurs

Bar les aviateurs

The mythycal american bar « Les aviateurs » in Strasbourg, and more particularly his person in charge Franck Meunier suggested putting in honor our adventure by selecting a photo of the world tour. We inaugurated this special event with on a special  evening « World Tour ». Muammer shared his adventure, accompagnied with […]

Book release

A big enjoyment to see our book spread to 12 000 copies in all France, but also in Belgium and in Canada! Avaible in all Fnac, Leclerc stores, Relay (in train stations and airports), online on Amazon and on my web site with a dedication and a present ! Beautiful […]


Our book

An unbelieveable moment, my heart beats so fast, the tears don’t stop, the emotions are growing up, I think at my friend Milan, I think at the thousand of people who helped us, I think at you who’s going to read it soon, and who could travel with us… I just hold in […]


Travel without luggages

In the minimalist mind, trip “without luggage” is possible. After a first experience of three days spent in Dominican Republic with Lotfy, a second one of two days spent in Paris with Milan, here I am in Istanbul, alone. I travel for seven days without any luggage or bag. Only […]

Hilton speech

Invited on the occasion of the Remembrance ” 50 years of the French – Turk relations “. I shared the interest and the chance to have a double culture. The advantage to know languages, Turkish language helped a lot during our world tour. It was very special at the end […]


A wonderful trip, in the discover of the Nilotiques people. The south of Ethiopia abounds in people who live from thousand of kilometers of the modernity. I had the opportunity to meet numerous tribes : Hammers, Dasanechs, Niyagatoms and Mursis (woman with tray). Theses tribes live at the Stone Age, […]